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Get A Head Start To The New Year By Starting Your Job Search Now
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Get a head start to the New Year by starting your job search now

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

​​There is no better time of year to find a job than in December. However, job seekers, tend to take time off to enjoy the holidays. With so much going on at this time of year, it can be challenging to maintain you job search, but stopping the search can be a big mistake. Despite what you might think, hiring continues to take place during the holiday season. An employer hires new employees when they need them, no matter what time of year it is.

There is also more time for hiring during a slower holiday season for some businesses. Due to the increase in job seekers who do take a break from their job search, there can be less competition for jobs and therefore, a higher chance you find a job quicker and in a company that you want to work for.

The holiday season is an overall great time to look for a job, here are four reasons why.

1. Job opportunities are less competitive

It can be difficult during the holidays to focus on finding a new job, even if you need one. Some people prefer to focus on the season rather than the job search. That's fine, but if you're a multitasker, there will be less competition for job openings. Maintaining your job search may give you the chance for an interview that you might not have gotten during another time of the year. In addition, the holidays make it a great time to interview, since both you and the hiring manager have more time on your hands.

2. Hiring managers are easier to reach

In addition to summer, December is undoubtedly the most popular time to take extra time off of work or go on a holiday. You may be tempted to do the same as well, but if you are serious about your job search, you will hold off until early in the new year and concentrate instead on contacting hiring managers, submitting applications, and improving your resume.

The reason why is simple. Having so many employees out of the office enables hiring managers to respond to emails and phone calls more quickly. Their attention is also drawn to the details in your resume because they have more time. If you have applied for a job, take this opportunity to reach out to the hiring managers responsible for filling the position. This will increase your chances of getting a response, and your ambition and willingness to succeed will likely be rewarded.

3. Networking opportunities increase during holiday events

Whether they are real networking events or virtual networking events, company holiday parties, open houses, community events, and other venues are some great places to meet people, so make sure you make the most of them during the holidays. These events can be used for networking, learning names, and introducing yourself to important contacts if you're looking for a new job. Your attendance at holiday venues and events will give you an opportunity to briefly "talk shop", exchange business cards and show a genuine interest in the company's needs, ensuring your name will be remembered for future hiring.

4. There are more people quitting

It may come as a surprise to some, but many people leave their jobs or leave for other opportunities near the end of the year. Job openings that weren't previously available tend to open during this time of year due to employees waiting for their holiday bonuses and then bailing out or moving on to greener pastures after vacations.

When an employee leaves unexpectedly, a company may be left scrambling to fill the void. Vacancies like these are hot, and employers often go out of their way to fill them fast because not doing so could cause a company to fall behind in whatever area was vacant. Don't miss out on these last-minute opportunities and take advantage of others' hasty rushes.