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Tips To Help You Calm Your Second Interview Nerves
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Tips to help you calm your second interview nerves

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​​In the search for the right candidate for a job, most companies often interview potential candidates twice.

Usually, the first round determines whether an applicant is qualified for the position. The candidates who pass the first screening interview then move on to the second round. During the second interview, the company will typically ask more complex questions and test your knowledge of the industry.

Naturally, you will be nervous. So how do you keep your cool during an interview and overcome your anxiety? What can you do to approach an interview panel with confidence? Listed below are a few tips on how to handle and ultimately overcome those second interview nerves.

  • Find out who you'll be interviewing with next

Find out who you will meet in the next round, if you can, get their name and job title. Find out if you have any commonalities by researching them online and reviewing their LinkedIn profile. That way you can break the ice when you are next interviewed. What is their educational background? Where else have they worked? Do you share any interests with them?

It is always helpful to have as much information as you can about who you're going to be talking to in the second interview, so you can feel more relaxed.

  • Be as energetic and enthusiastic as before

In order to calm interview nerves, try replacing your anxiety with enthusiasm and energy. A recruiter needs to see that you are motivated throughout each step of the hiring process. You may feel fatigued and even bored after answering the same questions over and over again, but it is important to present yourself with a fresh and energetic approach during the interview process.

  • Don't leave anything to chance

Make sure you are prepared to talk about yourself in a positive light before an interview to ensure you are at ease. Lack of preparation increases your natural apprehensions and makes it harder to overcome nerves. This is especially important when answering the same questions as in the first interview. You should be consistent with your responses, since the hiring managers have already heard you answer similar questions.

  • Demonstrate self-confidence

Being asked back for a second interview should give you a little bit of confidence and allow you to relax, so be proud, happy and excited about this opportunity! The skills, knowledge, and previous experience you possess are what got you to the second stage of the interview process in the first place.

Due to the nerves you might still be feeling, showing confidence may seem difficult. However, it's important not to doubt yourself or your abilities and demonstrate to the recruiter that you'd be a great addition to their team.