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New Year New Job
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New Year, new job; top tips to take the next step in your career in 2022

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

​​People take positions for a variety of reasons, from financial security to the benefits provided. Some people carefully plan out their career progression to reach their long-term goals, others simply focus on the job they currently hold.

It takes a combination of acquired skills, including patience and commitment, to reach the top of any career path. To move up the career ladder, you might need to go back to school or take a certification course, or perhaps you have all the skills you need, but you haven't found the right opportunity yet.

Whatever your unique work situation is, it is important to plan ahead so you are prepared for your next step. Follow the below tips to get your plan in place:

1. What’s next?

To determine your next career move, think about what you hope to accomplish, both short-term and long-term. Take a moment to reflect on your career and personal goals for the next five, ten, and fifteen years. Identify what changes you will need to make in your career to make those dreams a reality.

2. Describe your perfect day

Consider your ideal day when thinking about your next career step, if you're not sure where to begin. Think about your favourite activities and the type of work you enjoy most. As you notice patterns, you can use that information to find a job that suits your personality and needs.

3. Take it step by step

When you've got an idea of what you want to do, start taking steps to make it happen. Start with something small, like reading professional development books in your free time, or look into courses you can enrol on to further your skills. Make professional development a habit! Maintaining your professional development can help ensure that you are well prepared to move forward with your career in whatever direction you choose.

4. Know your strength

Whether you're seeking a promotion within your current company or looking for a new opportunity elsewhere, you have to convince the hiring manager that you're the best fit for the position. If you can pinpoint your unique skills, you can increase the chances of getting the job offer you have been waiting for. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating yourself or playing down your strengths in favour of coming across humble, you can still be modest while confidently showcasing your skills.

5. Don’t overshare

If you decide to leave your current job, don't tell anyone right away. Whilst it might be exciting to take the next step, keep your plans under wraps! Word can spread quickly that you're trying to find a new job, causing trouble before you've even gotten to interview.

When you talk about your new job, there's always the possibility that someone who doesn't support you or your goals could try to stop you from getting hired. It is important to keep in mind that anyone who does not have your best interest at heart, should not become aware of the possible change in your job title (or company) until the company as a whole has been informed about it. So, it’s best to keep it private till you get the job offer!

6. Practice your interview skills

Practicing interview techniques with family or friends is a great way to prepare for your next step. Try recording a video and rewatching it, consider how confident you appear. Did you say “um” too much? What does your body language say? Make notes on what you can improve on and keep doing it till you get it right.

With the right preparation and planning, getting the right job to carry you to the next step in your professional career will be a piece of cake!

If you require help with advancing your career, contact our team today! Our experts can help you map out your career development and help you land that dream job.