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The end (of the recruitment drought) is nigh!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Erin Smyth

As governments across the world outline their next steps, market confidence is beginning to grow in many regions. Vaccine rollouts and falling infection rates are putting the world at ease once again, and Personnel Today has reported the sharpest rise in permanent appointments in six years, as well as the temporary market growing at the fastest rate since 2017.

The market recovery looks set to take holder faster than any we have seen before. Neil Carberry, CEO of REC, said “for months, we have been talking about the potential recruiters saw for a recovery in hiring as we got on with vaccinations and the lockdown did its work. Today’s data shows that even during lockdown, our labour market was bouncing back. The strong temporary recruitment trend of the past few months has been maintained, but with a new addition – the fastest increase in permanent job placements since 2015.”

The fast-paced momentum of the market recovery that we are witnessing could easily result in businesses being left in the dust of their competition zooming out of the pandemic. By utilising the expertise of recruitment agencies, you can ensure that your business is a step ahead of the hiring boom. Whether you are seeking RPO services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), Executive Search or Freelancer Sourcing, we can assist. Our teams can not only help find the right people quickly, but can also guide you through each step of the process. Hiring brings with it many tasks that your business may be trying to navigate differently than before, be it video interviewing, onboarding remotely or managing your team from home, we can offer a helping hand.

The competitive market also means that businesses will need to consider their offerings, and with a more rounded outlook than previously. Candidates, and more importantly, the good ones, will be inundated with offers. To get ahead of your competition and secure the best talent, you need to offer much more than a good salary and an appropriate location. Take a look at our previous article ‘The war for talent has begun! How do you win candidates over your competition as the market recovers?

Many of our recruiters have commented recently “the buzz of the cities is returning” and we’re excited, and ready as ever to help business bounce back, by securing top talent.

We have extensive recruitment experience in our industries and understand the opportunities that the current market presents for businesses. We can help you to source and obtain the best talent to help you grow. Reach out to our team today by emailing