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Why working with a specialised recruitment agency can help you fill even the most difficult role

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago

​Recruiting has always been a risky business as the consequences of getting it wrong can be very costly and can impact so many different areas of a business.

However, today’s recruiting climate is the most challenging it has ever been.

Brexit is breeding staff shortages and the future of recruiting post Brexit still remains a total mystery. Unemployment is at record low levels and candidates are becoming even more difficult to communicate with never mind attract and the best candidates aren’t even looking for a new role: the elusive passive candidate.

Candidates are very much in charge and this is reflected in their expectations and demands and many companies have positions that remain open no matter how hard in-house recruitment teams try.

One thing is very clear, the war for talent is real and remains a constant challenge and more and more businesses are needing help and support to source, attract and recruit top talent.

Working with a recruitment agency allows those in charge recruitment to only focus their limited and valuable time on pre-qualified candidates who the agency has taken the time to ensure that not only do they have all the necessary skills and experience but are also a great cultural fit for the business.

Personality and cultural fit are after all very difficult to glean from a CV alone, however a recruitment agency will gauge overall compatibility and vet and prep potential candidates for roles by meeting with them in person before they meet with a potential employer.

Interviewing potential candidates can be a lengthy process and it can be difficult to maintain an objective view throughout the whole process especially if you have a large number of applications to choose from.

It is very easy to take the easy route when time and resources are stretched and only focus on candidates whose background and qualifications are similar to previous successful candidates.

A good recruitment agency however will be able to take the time to think outside the box when matching skills with job qualifications and can bring together clients with qualified candidates that they may not have considered before.

A good recruitment agency will also be able to reduce the time-to-hire ratio through a large network of potential candidates who are actively searching for new jobs offering significant cost savings and making it possible to attract and retain top talent who are normally lost during a lengthy recruitment process.

Above all else working with a recruitment agency with a proven track record of success ensures companies have well-vetted, qualified talent who are a cultural fit so they can achieve maximum success.