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How to use your body language to increase your sales

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago

We all probably feel that we use our body language only to our advantage, after all choosing a career in property sales means you consider yourself body language confident. But how many of us have that close somebody or friend that always does that odd thing with their hands when they get excited or that colleague that isn’t aware that they have a resting face that says - well you know what we mean!

The hardest thing is that although we might think we are aware of any obvious flaws in our body language the actual truth may indeed be very different, and we might actually not be communicating what we're feeling on the inside after all. Even if you think you’re the master of the signals your body language can give out, do you know how to use it in a natural way to mirror others body language, mannerisms and movements to build understanding, acceptance and most importantly a bond? The often-harsh truth is that so much of how we communicate and project about ourselves is body language, so it is essential to learn how to use your body language to help you achieve in your sales career and even to use it when you want to achieve a promotion or ace a job interview.

So, how so we use our body language, so it never undermines what we want to achieve?

Tip One: We are all capable of reading things wrong, no matter how much we might protest. Take a good look at yourself as your body language may be projecting a very different image than what you intend. The most successful people are the ones who understand exactly how to use their body language to influence others but also are willing to become aware of any minor adjustments needed.

Tip Two: You might have to start with the moto ‘Fake it till you make it’ but it is not about what you are feeling inside but what you project. In time it will become second nature.

Tip Three: Trust is everything. Your priority is to use your body language to inspire trust as it is at the heart of every human interaction and therefore impacts on our decision-making. If your priority is to sell than you need to gain a person’s trust and if you want to be heard when you speak you have to come across as honest and trust-worthy. Plus, if we don’t get people to trust us then you can probably forget someone actually liking you as it’s hard to like someone we don’t trust. Body language is the secret weapon in getting someone to trust you as it is subtle whereas if someone vocalises that you should trust them often you first instinct is to do the exact opposite.

Tip Four: You start the process of communicating with someone even before you first speak through your body language. We’ve probably all heard a version of the saying - “it only takes a second to make a first impression” - good or bad. So, if first impressions are so vital you need to make sure that when you walk into a room you can immediately emanate confidence and trustworthiness.

Tip Five: At the start so much comes down to appearance. The way you dress to how you wear your hair is how you communicate with someone you just met, and we have to be prepared to accept this.

Top Five: There are key ways people consider other’s body language, including:

  • Your smile - in many ways there is nothing more powerful than a smile. It says to the other person you can trust and relax with me. It requires some effort to get the ‘right’ smile. Think meeting your hero and start there and review the reactions of others and you too will see the power of the smile.

  • Your handshake - Again a commanding handshake can influential first impressions significantly, but it doesn’t stop there. Consider using a handshake at the end of a meeting as well as the beginning to show you found it and them important and hopefully therefore it will make it more memorable for them also.

  • Your walk & posture - All evidence points to people using your walk and posture to make judgements about you. Those with a large stride and who stand tall with their shoulders back are considered confident and introverted.

  • Watch your hands - Your hands can often be having a conversation all on their own and if you’re not careful that will be the only one remembered. Some people can be too pointy with their fingers and it can appear aggressive when your real emotion is passion. Gesturing with an open hand, palm facing up is universally accepted.

  • Mirror people - People like to receive confirmation that you are following what they are saying. Mirroring the other person’s body language is a widely used Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique which has proved very successful. It allows a bond and rapport to build more quickly. If someone is sitting or standing in a certain way sit in a similar position and mirror their expressions and mannerisms. Although always be aware of maintaining an appropriate distance